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Full groom
A complete service tailored to your dog’s needs.


Ear and Eye Cleaning

Face Wash

Shampoo & Conditioner according to coat type and skin

Blow dry, Brush or De-shed

Haircut & Styling (Breed standard or the style you choose)

Complementary Nail Trim


Extra Small          from        £38

Small dog             from        £48

Medium dog         from        £55

Large dog             from        £65

XLarge dog           from        £75

Chihuahua Bath

Bath and Dry

Because they love feeling fresh and clean


Ear and Eye Cleaning

Shampoo & Conditioner according to coat type and skin

Blow dry,

Complementary Nail trim


Extra Small           from         £28

Small dog              from         £38

Medium dog          from         £45

Large dog              from         £55

XLarge dog            from         £60

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Puppy pamper

A special service to introduce your puppy to a grooming routine, designed to be a positive experience

A pamper could start after you puppy has received all vaccinations and he/she is already going on walks and socializing with other dogs and humans.

The aim is to introduce your Puppy to the sounds, smells and sensations of the grooming process.

It is advised to at least have 2 pamper sessions before a full groom.

*Ideally a puppy should not become matted or tatty before his/her first full groom. A full Clip-off is a terrifying introduction to grooming for a young Puppy.

Service provided just Until 5 months of age (22 weeks) it doesn't include a haircut

XSmall -tea cup puppies   £25

Small Puppies £30

Medium puppies £35

Big - Large puppies   £45


Hand Stripping

A technique used to trim dog breeds with fur/coat types wire or broken

A very special kind of  groom, with wonderful natural looking results.

Small dog             from        £70

Medium dog         from        £80

Large dog             from        £95

Brown Dogs

Additional services

More for your needs

Pick up and Drop off service available.

Other services

Nail clip     small/medium dog         £8

Nail clip      large dog          £10

Flea Shampoo      £20

(if found on dog during grooming)


De matting / Extra charge for Shaving  £20


Prices are referential as clients must be assessed first to give a price.

We will consider Dog size, weight; Coat type, as well as length and condition of coat, among others.

Some breeds need more than others, we will always be fair with the price , which goes in relation of the amount of work your dog needs. We will explain in detail and price will be given to you beforehand.

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